Leslie Schematics gogo!

From this page you can download stand alone schematics for a few Leslie models.

If you can't find the schematic you are looking for here, take a look at the page where you can download complete scans of Leslie owner's and service manuals.

Also please note that there are fewer amplifier models than Leslie models - for example, the amplifier called Leslie model 122 is used in not only the cabinet named 122 but also in models 142, 222, 242, 122R, 122V, 122RV and 222RV. Some solid state models will have the same schematic for different speaker models, like model 760 and 770 or model HL-722 and HL-822.

The schematics are scanned in Gif format for a good print-out quality. If you need a schematic that is not listed here, please e-mail me. I might have it somewhere.



TUBE, single speed:


TUBE, two speed:

  • Leslie 122
  • Leslie 147
  • Leslie 251
  • Leslie 125
  • Leslie 222 and 222RV service manual supplement
  • Leslie 251 - 234V/250V 50/60Hz manual supplement (thanks to Matti)
  • Leslie 257 (The rotary part of a two speaker set made for Thomas organs. Very similar to a model 247 and relatively simple to convert for Hammond usage.)
  • Leslie 258 (The stationary/pedal section of the two speaker Thomas organ set. Contains two 40W Leslie tube amps.)
  • Leslie 610 (also 205 and 101GK) A special design with roto-sonic rotors with a four channel tube amplifier. Made for Conn, Thomas and Gullbransen organs. Also used with Hammond H-100/300 and R-100 series organs for a theatre-organ sound.



* Model 520 is essentially the non-rotary components of model 720 in a smaller cabinet.