The Tall Boy Section - Pt. 2


To place the evolvement of the Tall Boy speaker into the context of the Electro Music's line of speakers, here is a timeline with some highlights (thanks to Harvey Olsen).

The prototype Leslie 30A/Vibratone developed by Don Leslie in 1939-40.
The first production cabinet was given serial #101
1940 The original model 30A Vibratone is produced
1941 The 'church' model 30C is introduced
1943 Production of Leslie speakers is halted by WW-2
1946 Model 31A goes into production - the modern Leslie is born
1947 Model 31W for Wurlitzer organs appears and model 31A becomes 31H ('H' for Hammond)
1948 31H Type 2 with the type 428 tremolo control is introduced
1949 The 'Vibratone' name is dropped and subsequent speakers are simply called 'Leslie'
1951 Model 21H with the smaller 41" cabinet is introduced and the 31H is updated with a new amp and the Jensen F15LL woofer. Model 100GK designed for Gullbransen organs (in collaboration with Mr. Gullbransen himself) is introduced
1952 The first 33" cabinet for model 44W is introduced
1958 The 31-series is discontinued as a standard model when the rest of the Leslie speaker line is updated to use permanent magnet bass speakers (model 21H became 22H, 44W became 45, and so on)
Single speed Leslie speakers are discontinued